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Road freight

Our road freight services
Road freight is the most common mode of transport for goods worldwide. That’s because it’s efficient, effective and less expensive than air freight, especially for heavy items or bulk shipments.
At A Logistics, we use our in-depth knowledge and extensive network to determine the fastest, most cost-effective and reliable routes for transporting freight by road.
Whether you have a single item or a bulk shipment for delivery, we’ll get it to its destination safely – and you won’t have to visit a port or depot to manage your own collection. Most of our partners are having an online system to track your delivery at any point, in real time.

Sea and air transport

The sea/air services take on average 14/15 days from the day of the vessel sailing from Hong Kong to the aircraft arriving in the country of destination.
The services are available at competitive rates. Our door to door services are operated in conjunction with appointed partners.
A unique combined transport document (CTD) is used for the combined sea/air mode of transport ratherthan either the traditional bill of lading or HAWB.

When sea is too slow and air is too expensive, try a combination of the two
SEA-AIR – an ideal combination of speed and cost
The long sea voyage from Asia to Europe or America gives you the lowest cost transport – but it doesn’t give you speed. So if air freight all the way is out of your budget range, think about our combined service – DSV SEA-AIR.
For example, we’ll ship your cargo from Shanghai to Dubai or Singapore by container ship where we transfer it to an aircraft for you within hours of arrival. From there it’s in Europe or North America within a day or two instead of up to two weeks.
Not all goods are suitable for shipping in this way, and you’ll need to pay attention to the regulations for dangerous goods by both air and sea. And clearly, a whole shipping container can’t be loaded onto an aircraft without unloading it and repacking. Our expert freight forwarders are ready to advise you about all the options.



A Logistics Fine Art Services with it’s network of partners provides affordable modern storage for fine art and other collections which require exacting standards for climate control, security, logistics and risk management. We provide this service to institutions, galleries and individual collectors and can accommodate a range of climate sensitive non-perishable items.
Our partners own and operate warehouse space dedicated exclusively to collection storage. Clients can choose between temperature stabilized, temperature controlled and micro-climate controlled storage. Many collectors are primarily interested in maintaining strict humidity controls; we maintain all of our storage areas at a relative humidity of 50% +- 5%.
Our mission is to ensure a secure facility and stable climate for the long term storage and preservation of our customers’ and our own collections.


Art Packing. As a reliable fine art shipping company working with art and antiques of any kind, we understand how important it is for fine art owners to receive high-quality packaging services from art shippers. Besides, not every art collection gets installed right after its purchase. Moreover, some works of art have to wait for their time and place in the art storage while there are construction or renovation processes in private homes or galleries/auction houses. Hence, we offer high-quality art packing services intended to protect artworks during their storage or further transportation. We ensure that all items are properly packed with only the best quality materials and ready to withstand any challenges, no matter whether packaging is needed for their storage, local moving, or shipping abroad.
Art Crating. While professional art packing and handling are the most important aspects of the art transportation process, sometimes they are not enough to protect artwork in transit. Fine art shipping often requires wood crating. Moreover, each piece of art or antiques should be treated independently, depending on its weight, size, and other physical properties. For this reason, we provide in-house custom crating services to ensure the safe and secure transportation of every item. Fine Art Shippers produces a variety of high-quality customized crates to meet the shipping needs of diverse works of art, ranging from small paintings to large sculptures, each intended to protect our clients’ possessions from damage in any unforeseen conditions.
The custom crates produced by professional carpenters who work for us as crate makers guarantee the highest quality of crating services required for professional art packing, art delivery, art shipping, and art handling. At Fine Art Shippers, we hire only dedicated crating personnel passionate about their vocation and possessing rich, invaluable experience in engineering crates and securing items inside them, even when it comes to large art pieces. Crate making is a precise and responsible craftsmanship process for stabilization of every piece of art during transportation, so we deal with only true experts able to protect the most fragile and valuable items. It is also worth noting that we have our own warehouses, each employing skilled workers with many years of expertise in custom furniture manufacturing. Our art crates are reliable and durable, and they are suitable for even international art transportation, so you may rest assured that your artworks are handled securely and safely at any stage of the fine art shipping process.




Accompanying documentation for container transports to the CIS
Based on governmental instructions, freight- and accompanying documents (transit declaration, import customs declaration) are closely examined during border crossings at Malaszewicze/Brest and Zahony/Chop.
Every irregularity, implausibility or case of incomplete or missing documentation results in hold-ups and time- and cost intensive extra work.
It is therefore very important for exporters to gather information about the import and transfer regulations covering their merchandise and to strictly adhere to them.
Please keep in mind that the consignor/freight payer is responsible for compliance with these regulations.
We want your transports to continue to reach their destination fast and without complications.
To assist you we enclose a checklist for you to verify that the prerequisites for trouble-free transport are given.
The information included therein is based on current data available in reference to the requirements imposed by CIS authorities. These requirements may change on short notice. We therefore cannot guarantee that the information provided is up to date.
Please also refer to the respective chambers of commerce and/or foreign agencies.

These are just some of the areas where A Logistics can provide you with a full consultancy service about the documentation needed for transporting Your Art.


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